“We knew we had inefficiencies but didn’t know where to look. In my experience, technology and process projects never follow the intended path; circumstances change, and new insights cause you to reconsider your initial beliefs.

“Unlike other consultancies I’ve dealt with, CCS had the flexibility to adapt to our changing needs. They were true partners, working with us to ensure the best outcome for our company and our customers rather than forcing us into a mold dictated by their previous projects.

“We now have documented; end-to-end process flows for key customer interactions and selling process. We get actionable data to direct our attention quickly to improve our customers’ experience.”

-Jon Secrest, Securus Technologies



Meet for coffee

No commitments, it’s just coffee

Create a customized plan

Every business is different, so should your plan

Implement the plan

Collaborate with your team and grow your business


As a boutique consulting firm, we provide a customized solution to match each of our customer’s unique business environments and circumstances. Our structure also allows us to be more nimble, flexible, and responsive than larger firms.

We use a fixed bid process that allows our customers to effectively plan and budget for project costs, while holding CCS accountable for delivering the agreed upon milestones, metrics, results and business impacts.

CCS uses a Customer First approach to help pinpoint what your customers value most in order to eliminate internal process barriers and quickly drive changes that improve your customers experience and the bottom line of your company.
Our Mission is to help make the process of growing your business through happy customers easier and more enjoyable.


“Our engagement with CCS was to understand how our North American sales representatives felt about our company, how we compared with other manufacturers they carried and what we could do to improve. We had anecdotal information and single points of feedback, but nothing that represented a “data based” consensus.  It made us naïve.

“We have used the CCS data to meet with each firm and open a fact-based conversation about the feedback, the Rep’s historical performance and how we can get better and improve future results. We created a three-point action plan to: align sales effort with our market segment priorities, increase monthly communication on customer’s feedback to our new products and increasing customer testimonial successes to grow more business.

“We have had two engagements with CCS, they deliver professional results and you can trust their promise and performance.”

-Jack Field, Reell Precision Manufacturing