How does Customer Centered Strategies help?

You have a vision on how your business could achieve amazing success, and positively impact the world. However, overcoming day-to-day executional and business challenges are consuming your focus, tapping your energy, and distracting you from what matters most, your vision.

CCS can help you reclaim control of your processes, restore performance of your business, which will enable you to repurpose your time toward your passion, your vision.

"Great perspectives at a very good value. Flexible enough to change mid-engagement in response to our changing needs."
– Jon Secrest


Customer Experience

Leveraging Voice of Customer to drive exceptional business performance

Strategy & Talent Deployment

Strategy is more than establishing strategic priorities and initiatives, it ensures focus, alignment and coordination around the critical path to success at every level.

Process Optimization

Our Process First methodology is designed to focus process & system improvements on areas with the greatest potential for immediate business impact.

Sales Enablement

Implement sales processes and tools designed to focus your team on the right customers to grow revenue and market share with less effort.

Channel Programs

Create partner programs that drive channel performance aligned with your strategic goals and values.

Portfolio Management

Align your target customer needs and corporate strategy to develop a successful product offering and future product roadmap that ensures long term success.

Our team

Shannon Gronemeyer

President & Founder

Maria Cancino

Business Consultant

Don Storey

Operations Manager

Janelle Jordan

Process Improvement Leader

Rochelle Grace

OD Consultant

Brad Stevenson

Strategy and Leadership Development


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Business Efficacy