Happy Customers

How do you know if your customers are happy?

  • Do you collect customer feedback?

  • How do you analyze that feedback?

  • How do you turn those results in to business outcomes?

“The value of the process optimization workshop was more than just mapping the process, it was the rare opportunity to brainstorm with other functional groups about how to solve the problems and improve the customer experience.”
Christopher J. Smith
City of Santa Monica


Customer Experience

Delight Your Customers and Grow Your Business

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Business Process Improvement

Driving Changes your customers value to improve your business performance

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Technology Implementation& Support

Using Customer Feedback to guide Technology Implementation

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"Unlike other consultancies I’ve dealt with, CCS had the flexibility to adapt to our changing needs. They were true partners, working with us to ensure the best outcome for our company and our customers rather than forcing us into a mold dictated by their previous projects."
Jon Secrest
Securus Technologies

Why do 33% of Business Process Improvements Initiatives Fail?

  • Lengthy setups
  • Resistance from teams
  • Using a Business Process Measuring System that is either too complicated or lacks the right features
  • Not measuring results
  • Under communicating Business Process Improvement initiative

Top Challenges that Prevent Business Process Improvement Success



As a boutique consulting firm, we provide a customized solution to match each of our customer’s unique business environments and circumstances. Our structure also allows us to be more nimble, flexible, and responsive than larger firms.

We use a fixed bid process that allows our customers to effectively plan and budget for project costs, while holding CCS accountable for delivering the agreed upon milestones, metrics, results and business impacts.

CCS uses a Customer First approach to help pinpoint what your customers value most in order to eliminate internal process barriers and quickly drive changes that improve your customers experience and the bottom line of your company.

Our Mission is to help make the process of growing your business through happy customers easier and more enjoyable.

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“We have had two engagements with CCS, they deliver professional results and you can trust their promise and performance.”
Jack Field
Reell Precision Manufacturing


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