Alissa Schultz
CX and VoC Practice Leader

Alissa has a passion for helping companies deliver Awe Inspiring Customer Experiences by identifying opportunities to create real differentiation during the customer lifecycle. She will actively employ customer experience methodologies, journey mapping, and various analysis and research tools to identify your customers’ key moments of truth that will either make you stand out as best in class or be a reason why they may leave you.  She has demonstrated results in driving business profitability through improved customer experiences and can help companies move toward a customer-centric culture by engaging the teams with effective change management techniques.

Alissa holds both a B.A. and M.B.A from St Cloud State University in St. Cloud, MN.  She is certified in NPS® and is a member of the Customer Experience Professional Association (CXPA).

Areas of specialization include:

  • Customer Experience (CX) strategy design
  • Customer Experience maturity assessments
  • Customer Centric Culture and Change Management
  • Voice of Customer (VOC) program design and implementation
  • Journey mapping
  • Experience design
  • Process Optimization
  • Close loop process design and implementation
  • Executive and Employee engagement
  • Road maps and Action plans