“In many industries and businesses, channel partners are key links between employees and customers- a weak link if they are ignored, an important source of strength if they are engaged”.
– Engagement Strategies Media


Businesses today leverage a variety of go to market channels (Manufacturer Reps, Distributors, VARs, etc.) to reach and support their customers. While multiple channel types may be an appropriate and successful strategy, the proliferation of channels and partners can also increase complexity, introduce channel conflict, increase costs, and even degrade service levels realized by your end customer. It is critical that channel programs be intentionally designed and managed to realize the revenue and cost benefits that your channels should provide.


Our experience developing and managing channel programs can help you navigate the complex environment of channel partner relationships and performance.  CCS Channel Management services will help ensure that there is alignment between the capabilities of the partners you select, with the strategic goals you have for these partnerships.  In addition, we can create the right incentive, performance management, and business relationship ecosystem to ensure you are driving the intended value from your partner relationships.  Our primary services include:

  • Channel Strategy Development 
  • Program Design
  • Partner Selection
  • Performance Management
  • Reporting and Dashboard Automation
  • Channel, Partner Sales, and End User Voice of Customer