Common Strategic Planning Mistakes


Common Strategic Planning Mistakes

Every year companies spend substantial time, resources and money on their strategic planning process just to end up falling short of some of their key objectives. There are plenty of articles out there that outline the strategic planning process and how to create the perfect plan, but if you don’t steer clear of some of the most common pitfalls, you are doomed to make the same mistakes others have, and those mistakes will ultimately lead to failure. Nearly 1/3 of all business strategies never reach their mark and 90% of organizations fail to successfully implement their strategies. So how do you avoid becoming one of the statistics?
The Top 5 Reasons Strategic Plans Fail are:
  1. Not Incorporating Customer Feedback in to your plan
  2. Ignoring the Impact of Current Realities
  3. Missing Execution Focus
  4. Lack of Alignment and Commitment
  5. Poor Communication
More information about these common strategic planning mistakes and how to avoid them can be found by downloading the Top 5 Reasons Strategic Plans Fail whitepaper below.
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