Customer Experience Maturity Whitepaper

Customer Experience Program Maturity

Intuitively, we know that a positive relationship with customers is likely to lead customers to want to spend more, stay longer, and tell others.

In this whitepaper Robert Cowie takes us through the journey to customer experience maturity. He starts with the reality of what customers expect in today’s world when it comes to having a positive customer experience. He then gives examples of the 4 stages of maturity and how to navigate your journey to the next level. Finally he gives you the Elements of Success and how to incorporate these key components of your Customer Experience Program in to your business. After you read the whitepaper take our Customer Experience Maturity Assessment to see if you’re “Leading the Pack”

About the Author:

Robert Cowie was an early adopter and champion at Sony in the use of the Net Promoter System resulting in 2013 and 2012 Sony VAIO being recognized by Laptop Magazine for the Best Tech Support and placing 5th in MSN Money’s Customer Service Hall of Fame in 2012.
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