Customer Experience R&D

Customer Experience R&D

Using various Customer Experience and Voice of Customer tools to pinpoint what your customers value most, and how well those wants, and needs are being met. Then establish programs and strategies that provide you with actionable data that helps you improve your customer’s experience.  Not many people go on an adventure without doing a little research. That’s the first step – gather information from your customers to find out what they value most and if the experience you are providing is giving them what they want.

We then provide recommendations and work with you to design and implement CX programs suited to your specific needs.

Our approach consists of the following elements:

  • Customer Feedback Program Assessment
  • Transactional / Relationship Survey Development & Deployment
  • Strategic Customer Interviews
  • Channel Customer Feedback
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • CX Strategy & Design

In The Intersection of Customer Experience whitepaper by Maria Cancino she talks about some of the important things in your business that effect your customers’ experience.