“Until you understand your customers, deeply and genuinely, you cannot truly serve them.” —Rasheed Ogunlaru, life coach and author of Soul Trader


At CCS we believe in a customer focused approach.  That means we will work with you to find the moments that matter the most to your customers and help you to create better experiences for them.  We do this by following a simple process (LUDI) that is straight forward and makes it easy for you to turn insight into action.  Plus we are a lot of fun to work with!

Why should I use the LUDI method?

VOC (Voice of Customer) programs are a great place to start.  They help you LISTEN to your customers and identify breaks within your business processes where customer expectations are not being met.  These programs are typically reactive in nature and tend to produce a focus on operational fixes.

In order to continue to increase customer satisfaction and create Awe Inspiring Experiences you need to have a deeper UNDERSTANDING.  What interactions do your customers have with you that matter the most (key moments of truth)?  What does their journey with your company look like?

Next you need to DESIGN the experiences your customers want, will use, and will talk about to other potential customers therefore…

The processes, products and services you IMPLEMENT will have a positive ROI and help increase profitable revenue for your company.

How can you help me with my Customer Experience (CX) Strategy?  How does
LUDI work? 


Are you ready to LUDI?