“When the user’s personal goals are met by the design,
business goals are far more effectively achieved”.
– Alan Cooper, About Face.


Few companies, if any, truly possess the intuition to design and develop a new product, introduce it to the market, and then convince customers that it cost effectively solves a problem that they want solved, or it is simply something they need to make their business/life easier or more successful.  Further, the company does not get to decide what their product lifecycle is going to look like.  These are decisions the customer makes for you.


Product Portfolio Management processes provide a customer centered framework for decisions to be made, resources to be deployed, and the portfolio plan to provide the greatest value to your customers. In order to truly maximize the profitability of the product portfolio it is important to take a balanced approach. One that optimizes product position in the market and shapes the flow of products through the product life cycle.  Customer Centered Strategies proposes a four-part approach to portfolio management