Process Analysis & Design

Process Analysis & Design

Researching and collecting feedback on what your customers value from you is a great first step, but the information alone doesn’t change anything. CCS’s Process Analysis and Design offerings develop and guide actions to improve the customer experience and the efficiency & effectiveness of the organization. The CCS differentiator is we prioritize changes based on which processes positively impact the customer experience elements that your customers value most.  After collecting feedback from your customers, CCS will work with you to drive actions based on that data.  We don’t just collect and communicate the feedback from your customers, we help you drive action and improvements!

Our Process Analysis and Design offerings focus on the business processes that drive improvements first, then determine where technology can enhance the process even more.  Our proprietary Process Optimization methodology achieves and sustains process excellence as a competitive advantage. The ROI realized by our clients has included Process Efficiency, Cost Reduction / Avoidance, Revenue Growth, Service Delivery Improvements, Cycle Time / Lead Time, and improved customer experience.

Our approach consists of the following elements:

  • Business Process Assessment (BPA)
  • Cross functional Process Optimization workshop
  • Channel Program Effectiveness
  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Technology Assessments
  • Strategy Development (Corporate, Channel, Sales)