Process Improvement Case Study

Process Case Study

Process Optimization Case Study

Tier II Communications Provider Background

CCS’ client is a regional cable company, providing cable television, Internet and telephone service for communities in four states. The company also provides fiber-optic communications services via leased circuits for larger companies and Tier 1 Carriers. They serve an area covering over 1.2MM people, in 200 communities

While traditionally identified as a residential provider, the company was interested in growing revenue and Average Revenue per User (ARPU) through increased business market penetration.

In addition, the company had made significant investments in infrastructure that provided them access to a large number of potential business clients. However, the systems, processes, and business operations infrastructure built for the residential market were not well positioned to provide the same quality of service to their business clients, and were not scalable to serve this market.

The Challenge

Expand revenue growth and ARPU through increased business market penetration.
Existing infrastructure based on B2C market and not well positioned for B2B environment lacking stability and scalability.

Services Provided

  • 4 Workshops covering end-to-end sales and fulfillment process
  • Balanced focus on internal process demands and customer experience
  • Current state process mapping
  • Collection, categorization and prioritization of opportunities
  • Indentification and implementation of quick hit projects
  • ROI tracking
  • Implementation of Lean Six Sigma management methodology


Case Study: Results

Annualized Business Value: $792K

Combination of increased revenue, resource efficiency, reductions in cycle time or cost, and cost avoidance

Return on Investment: 5.7x

Customer calculated value derived from project was 5.7 times their investment with CCS

Improvement Opportunities: 469

469 ideas generated through 4 kaizen workshops and 86 implemented by engagement end

Time Saved: 3,000 hours

Customer calculated time savings generated by implemented improvement opportunities

Other Outcomes

Documented process maps, prioritized improvement list, system/user requirements, and the launch of a continuous improvement culture change