“The buyers journey is no longer a standard funnel. Sales and marketing need to team with tools, process automation, analytics and discipline to be successful.”
– James Rogers, CMO at onesource information services.


The world of your customers is changing.  Access to information by customers is changing the value expected from a sales person, increasing the awareness of competitive options, accelerating decision making following initial contact, and putting a spotlight on price differentials.

The world of your sales team is changing.  Sales are often expected to cover more territory, more customers, more industries, and more products.  In addition, sales leadership requires additional visibility into sales activities, pipeline development, forecasts, and competitive intelligence.

Sales leadership is changing.  Leaders now need to look beyond relationship skills and access to relevant market contacts when hiring new team members.  They need solution selling skills, executive acumen, analytical skills, market intelligence awareness, and excellent prioritization skills.

There is good new…Your revenue growth can be enhanced, while simultaneously reducing your operational costs, through streamlined sales operations processes, intelligent sales analytics, and intentional performance management leveraging the right systems. CCS Sales Enablement services can help you provide the processes and tools necessary to optimize your sales team’s performance.  We do this through…

  • Go-to-Market Strategy and Account Planning
  • Sales Process Optimization
  • CRM Deployment
  • Guided Selling Tools
  • Reporting, Forecasting & Pipeline Management
  • Structure and Incentives
  • Performance Management