Turnkey Customer Feedback Solution

  • You simply provide the email address list, and we do the rest
  • 1 Standard relationship survey, branded with your logo
  • 15 pre-designed best practice questions
  • 1 invitation email, 1 reminder email and 1 thank you email,  all branded with your logo
  • Outcast and response management via online survey tool
  • Up to 1,000 email addresses per survey
  • 1 Standard Customer Experience Insight Report via email
  • Additional services available – Additional respondents, question customization, professional insight read out, deeper analysis, verbatim analysis, etc. (Additional fees apply)

Start now for only $2000

InsightNow! is a fast, simple, low cost solution designed to help you take the first step in collecting and acting on customer feedback. You provide the email addresses of your customers and we do the rest. We create, launch and manage your custom branded survey. Then we analyze the responses and provide you with a Customer Insights Report based on your customers feedback.

Are you listening to your customers?

The two most central components to creating great customer experiences are understanding your customers and acting upon their feedback. To understand your customers means to listen to them using “Voice of Customer” (VOC) activities which will result in actionable feedback. There are several ways to gather VOC feedback; including Relationship Surveys, Transactional Surveys, Strategic Customer Interviews, Focus Groups, and Advisory Boards.

Why Relationship Surveys are important

Relationship surveys are a great way to begin gathering VOC as it focuses on the customers’ overall relationship with your business over a span of time (referred to as the customer journey). These surveys ask customers to consider their overall experience with your company and are usually carried out at regular intervals such as, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually. B2C companies normally conduct relationship surveys across their entire customer base while B2B companies will survey multiple members from each client company to understand the complete relationship between the businesses. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) metric is widely used in relationship surveys to gauge and determine which segments within your customer experience need improving.

You need a process...

Here it is.

We created a simple process that requires very little effort from you, but still gives you all the great insights and information about your customers that you are looking for.

You need to create a compelling email for your customers...

We do that for you.

The email to your customers is a personalized message sent to them that politely asks for their feedback and gives them reassurance that their responses are anonymous and that their information is safe and secure.

You need a survey tool to execute your survey...

We have that.

The survey is made up of 15 best practice questions that asks all the right questions to gather the feedback to give you the insights you want.

You need the feedback compiled and analyzed...

We do that for you.

We create a Customer Experience Insight Report that includes a Net Promoter (NPS) score, a Customer Effort Score (CES) and tells you what you customer truly value most about your products and services.