Technology Implementation Support

Using Customer Feedback to guide Technology Implementation

The Challenge

How do you successfully implement technology with a high user adoption rate and shorten the length of time to to realize the ROI of the new

or updated tool?

Technology Implementation Failure Rates

Implementation Failure Rate

5 Reasons Technology Implementations Fail

  • Poor Process Design

    Automating a cumbersome process just makes the process automated, not streamlined

  • Limited User Adoption

    New Technology is sometimes seen as something “extra” to do and does not always create enough perceived value for users 

  • Scope Creep and Over Budget

    Instead of a phased approach prioritizing specific needs an attempted roll-out of out all functionality at the same time everywhere can lead to uncontrolled chaos

  • Poor Vision / Strategy

    No clear road-map for the tool and no ownership or governance according to that vision

  • Poor Objectives & Measurable Goals

    Successful tool implementation should not just be considered achieving a "go live" status, instead dashboards and metrics that reflect the overall strategy of the Technology should be seen as the true measurement