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Consultants: What am I really getting for my money and how much is it going to cost? - Customer Centered Strategies

Consultants: What am I really getting for my money and how much is it going to cost?

What am I getting for my money

Consultants: What am I really getting for my money and how much is it going to cost?

The answer: Fixed Bid and a detailed Scope of Work

Wouldn’t it be nice to always know how much something is going to cost and exactly what you’re getting for your money, before you agree to the purchase? I know I would, especially the last time I needed new tires for my car.

After reading some reviews and comparing which shop offered the best price/customer service, I made my choice and called them to make the appointment. They asked for the detail of the tires currently on the car and if I drove mostly on the highway or in the city before they gave me their recommendations. I gave them all the information they asked for and told them I would like to be between $600-$700 out the door. He recommended a tire that meet all my needs that was $150 plus $15 each to mount and balance. Doing some quick math in my head I recognized the quoted price of $700 out the door would put me at the top of my budget, but still within my limit. So, I booked the appointment for the next day and was ready to have some new shoes on the ride before the snow started to fly.

When I got there the next day, we can all guess what happened. They didn’t have the original tires in stock but, were willing to “upgrade” me for the confusion. I thought “wow, what great customer service, just like the review said”. So, you can imagine my surprise when I saw the total price of $876.00, a staggering difference to the original $700 I was quoted. Maybe they thought I wanted 5 tires instead of 4? When I asked why there was such a difference the answer was, “because most rims need a different style of weight to balance the tires”, “we fill all our tires with nitrogen”,” there’s always a tire disposal fee”, and “the “upgraded” tires were $10 more expensive than the original tires I was quoted”. Now I get the $40 extra for “upgraded” tires, but where did the rest of these charges come and why didn’t I know about them before? I felt a little bamboozled and was not a happy camper.

In the end I did what I think most people do. I told them I was disappointed, frustrated and unhappy with what they were telling me. Then, I bought the tires because I needed them and didn’t feel like going through the same thing at the next place. The whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth and I would definitely not recommend them to anyone I know.

Most people get frustrated when the price increases and what they’re getting changes after they have committed to a purchase. It frustrates us at CCS too, that’s why our proposals are Fixed Bid. We tell you what your costs will be upfront and outline the agreed upon outcomes and deliverables before we start the project. Most consultants work on an hourly rate and will bill you based on a loose set of guidelines. We give you a detailed scope of work, customized to your specific business needs, that holds us accountable to agreed upon milestones, metrics and results.

Customer Centered Strategies is a boutique consulting firm that uses feedback to improve the processes that are frustrating you and your customers.

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Don is a professional operations manager with an excellent track record of small business management. He has over 12 years of retail operations and management experience with a passion for finding creative solutions to complex problems. His goal is to create and manage processes to help the business be as efficient and easy to work with as possible. Client satisfaction is a top priority and he’s always looking for new ways to improve the customer’s experience.

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