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The Journey to CX Maturity - Customer Centered Strategies

The Journey to CX Maturity

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The Journey to CX Maturity

Although we might wish change could occur overnight, it takes companies several years to implement a customer experience program which transforms the company’s culture to one that puts the primary focus across the entire organization on its customers. During this transformational journey, the company will typically go through several progressive stages, adding focus and capabilities that allow customer values to shape their business.  Unfortunately, some companies will stall out during the journey and never fully implement a CX program which brings about the results that they desired.

At some point in time, company leadership realizes that to remain competitive in today’s world where online digital services and social media impacts our daily lives, the company needs to change how they do business.  The way they have been doing business is not driving growth or even maintaining customers. They realize the need to fully understand their customers and what will create the experience their customers require.

CX journeys start with the realization that understanding what your customers need and want in today’s world is the only way to drive change in the business as usual strategy to create a customer-centric culture which will become the key differentiator to set them apart from your competitors. To successfully navigate this journey, companies need to fully implement key program elements for success of a strong and robust CX program that yields the desired results.

Companies that are more mature in their CX journeys and are trendsetters will constantly review their program strategies, goals, activities and achievements.  They ensure that their CX program continues to align with their business objectives and brand value. These companies realize that many of their competitors are improving, that changes continue to happen across the industry and the needs of customers do not stay static. In recent years we have seen that customers no longer compare companies within their own industries but will expect similar customer experiences with all businesses interactions regardless of industry.

Download a copy of our CX Maturity Matrix to review the six areas that require the greatest focus to create a rock-solid Customer Experience Program.

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